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Designing Modular Kitchen


Designing Modular Kitchen

There are few points to keep in mind while designing a modular kitchen.

1st We need to see the kitchen space where we want to build it take measurements.

2nd We need to understand the clients requirement about storage any other particular thing about kitchen storage and  its look.

3rd We need to see the working triangle of positions of important kitchen items like stove , sink , refrigerator.

4th Depending on kitchen size we need to plan a effective layout where there will be no congestion of movement of people will take place.

5th We need to check the size of the kitchen and the amount of sunlight comes in the kitchen while selecting colors.

6th Avoid too many lines of drawers and create minimalist kitchen design which is more trendy.

7th Avoid combining too many colors to give it a bigger and modern look.

8th Make use of tall units to achieve maximum storage in lesser space Also it is easier to operate as everything is at eye level.

9th Avoid taking loft everywhere on the wall of kitchen which will give bulky look to kitchen.

10th Make intelligent combination of different available material and finishes of kitchen components to achieve budget, storage space at the same time look.

11th Use only branded material and avoid local makes for long durable life of kitchen.

Elements as acompany provides designer modular kitchens to individual residences at the same time bulk ammenity kitchens to renowned builders in Mumbai, Pune, Nashik and all over Maharashtra.Established in the year 2001 with a passion for great designs with perfect practical applications, today an over 5000 clients  continues to render happy, contented smiles.

Having successfully executed over 5000 kitchens, “Elements” has achieved great heights and immense expertise in the business. From great residential interiors to commercial set-ups, theme-based interiors to salons or spas, “Elements” has rendered outstanding results on all fronts.“Elements” predominantly excels in the department of modular kitchens – one of the cutting-edge amenities you would surely be offering to your patrons…

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