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About Us | Top Modular Kitchen Designs in Mumbai | Elements

About us

Elements Modular KitchenElements as a company provide designer modular kitchens to individual residences at the same time bulk amenity kitchens to renowned builders in Mumbai, Pune, Nashik and all over Maharashtra. Established in the year 2001 with a passion for great designs with perfect practical applications, today an over 5000 clients continue to render happy, contented smiles.

The very essence of all our creations is the apt combination of the six elements: Color, Texture, Form, Lines, Space and most importantly, Client’s Vision! All our designs have always been the perfect blend of these elements with functionality and aesthetics!

Having successfully executed over 5000 kitchens, “Elements” has achieved great heights and immense expertise in the business. From great residential interiors to commercial set-ups, theme-based interiors to salons or spas, “Elements” has rendered outstanding results on all fronts.

“Elements” predominantly excels in the department of modular kitchens – one of the cutting-edge amenities you would surely be offering to your patrons…

Individually designed to suit the kitchens of all your contemporary formats, “Elements” will surely elevate the standards of your product to the level next! Add the touch of our expertise to your quality and rest assured of a proud feeling – well deserved!

Add Elements… Add Value!

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